Friday, March 4, 2016

"64.8L Passionately Curious": Receiving of Cabinet

Finally, the cabinet was ready to be collected. To save some bucks, I decided to self-collect the cabinet from the factory which is located at Premier@Kaki Bukit. Reaching the factory, I realized that the sub-contractor who did the cabinet I ordered from AquaFishtank (Deco O) was CR Aquarium. That gave me peace in mind since CR Aquarium has been in this line for very long time and they are quite well-known for making fish tanks and aquarium cabinets. 

CR Aquarium Factory at Premier@Kaki Bukit
Happy to see my cabinet (right side, second row)
The Boss from CR Aquarium is a very nice gentleman. He arranged the transport to deliver the cabinet (and also me) back home free of charge. I really appreciated that gesture. It was not about the money, but about the kindness.  

The cabinet was brought back home just like that, safe and sound. Although the dark walnut colour is kind of lighter than my furniture's walnut colour but overall is fine. Great feeling to unwrap the new cabinet. Ya, I believe everybody would enjoy an opening ceremony. :) 

Unwrapping in progress...
To make sure the cabinet is balanced from side to side and from back to front, I adjusted using the self-adhesive foam pad attached to the cabinet feet. After that, a long spirit level was used to check whether cabinet is properly balanced.

Self-adhesive pads were used.
It was properly attached to the cabinet's feet
Spirit level was used to check from back to font
And from side to side to make sure the cabinet is balanced
It is very important to make sure that cabinet and fish tank is placed and levelled properly. It will be extremely difficult to make any changes once the tank is filled with water. Imbalanced tank can cause crack or leakage after tank is filled, that would be a nightmare! 

Spirit level was checked once the tank is in place
Also remember to check the level at the side
VoilĂ ! The tank is ready now on the cabinet. Some cleaning was done for the tank and cabinet before any hardscaping work can be started. I used glass cleaner solution to clean the outer tank while inner tank was cleaned up using the damp cloth without any chemical. 
OK. It is ready for hardscape set up now. 
This is the best location that I can get in the living room, although it is not so ideal since TV and speakers are around. I hope the fishes would enjoy the music when they are here. :P

Some barang barang that I bought from NA and also from neighbourhood shops to be used at the later stages. 

Shopping frenzy
Next chapter, hard-scape setup! :)

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