Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekly Tank Maintenance (Time Lapse)

Weekly maintenance tasks are fun and enjoyable and should not be considered as chores :). I usually turn on some of my favourite music and start the maintenance works to enjoy "Me time". It would take me around 45 mins to 60 mins to do some basic cleaning for my 2ft tanks and another 30-45mins for my other 2 nano tanks. Basic maintenance includes cleaning the glass walls, cutting/trimming/pruning those old leaves/plants and re-plants the stems and changing around 30-50% of water. More time would be spent if I choose to clean the filter, tubing and lily pipes. 

Overall, the rewards after maintenance session is immeasurable to me! You can really enjoy the sparkling crystal-clear tank as a slice of nature in your home sweet home for at least a week or two. 

I have recorded some time lapsed during my weekly tank maintenance. If only it could be only less than 1 minutes to clean the tank huh? Haha! Enjoy and cheers! 

Maintenance works for my 2 nano tanks

Maintenance works for my 2ft tank 


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