Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"64.8L Passionately Curious": 24-Hour Timer Plug

I have recently received an order of the 24-hour electric timer plugs that will be used for the CO2 and lighting systems. Those plugs were ordered from Qoo10 with cheaper price compared with market price. 
Three timers were ordered
I test the automatic on/off function and it really works well. Very easy to program and I can't wait to test it on my planted tank. Woo hoo! I am still studying about aquascaping design and also will take some time to choose the suitable rocks and driftwood for my future tank. :)

Updates on 20 Nov 2019: Those electric timer were quite good at the beginning. However, it would not last for so long and got some malfunction after sometimes. I have then changed to all wifi smart plugs to all my planted tanks and quite happy with the wifi smart plugs due to the reasonable price and stable in operation. 

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