Thursday, May 12, 2016

Best Schooling Fish: Platinum Rummynose Tetras

As many new hobbyists, I also wish to have a great shoaling / schooling of fishes in the planted tank. After some research, I decided to have Platinum Rummynose Tetras (Hermigrammus rhodostomus) for my 2ft tank. And that is an excellent choice! The rummynoses were really discipline in moving as a school, especially when they were first introduced into the tank. I thought they were a bit stressed but even after a few months keeping them, I still can see that great schooling behaviour.

Platinum Rummynose Tetras are a bit different from the normal Rummynose Tetras since they got very shiny sparkling bodies. The coloration of the "rummy" head and "cross" tail would be getting nicer when they get use to the tank environment.

These guys looked so pale when I first introduced them to the tank 
However, the colouration got much better over time :)
Overall, I am very happy seeing them schooling everyday. You can consider them for the next purchase. ;)

I had a chance to record their schooling in the video below for your reference.


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