Saturday, May 14, 2016

Amano Shrimps: The Great Scavenger

Amano Shrimp
Amano Shrimps- Caridina multidentata (or some LFS call them Yamato Shrimp) were one of the first residents in my "Passionately Curious" planted tank. I chose them since they are famous as algae eaters  in planted tanks. I introduced them at the very initial stage, after the tank was fully recycled to prevent algae bloom in the tank at that stage. Other than clearing out algae, rotten leaves and even dead fishes or snails have also been cleaned up by these soldiers. How great they are!

This is the video I recorded when an Amano Shrimp tried to pick up the dead snail body from the shell.

However, with their big appetite, they would sometimes look for soft leaves or plants or even disturb the smaller fishes if they were hungry. I used to see them damaging the star grass leaves and they even climbed on to Oto catfish and tried to grab the Oto away!

That was how they munched on my delicate star grass leaves. :(

That being said, they would remain calm and peaceful should the tank has enough algae and food supply. So, if you see your Amano Shrimps keep running around and damage the plants or disturb other fishes, that means mostly they are hungry and looking for food. Just give them a slice of blanched zucchini or some smashed green peas, they will be alright. Hungry shrimps are angry shrimps! :)


  1. I have read that Amano shrimp can be aggressive but I guess that was because they were hungry. Good to know. I don't have any Amano shrimp but would like some of them or cherry shrimp.

    1. Cherry shrimps are beautiful, hardworking and very hardy, too. One of my favourite shrimps!