Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"27L The Jungle Cube"- Contest Results

2019 has been a remarkable year for "The Jungle Cube" tank.

I have sent photos of this tank to 3 Aquascaping Contests this year. Personally, I like to send the tank to contests not for ranking competition as I know there are many aquariums out there which are way much more outshining, but just to put it as a milestone for the tank itself. Nevertheless, it has always been a feeling of excitement while waiting for the result though :). 

The first contest is the IIAC (ISTA International Aquascaping Contest) which is open for application from 1 Feb to 30 Jun yearly. "The Jungle Cube" was ranked 255 out of 535 participants. Very happy with the result. Yay!

IIAC 2019 Result

The second contest is AGA Aquascaping Contest 2019 (by Aquatic Gardeners Association). This contest only shows ranking for the Top 10 of each category and "The Jungle Cube" was not in the list. However, all of the participants's works are shown on the website. Here is the capture of "The Jungle Cube", details can be found at: https://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2019/show182.html

AGA Aquascaping Contest 2019 result

The third contest is Brazilian Aquascaping Contest. The result has been out recently and this tank was ranked 24th for "The Best Foreign Aquarium 2019" category (https://www.cbap.com.br/en/inscricao/the-jungle-cube/). I am really happy with the result and especially because I received a positive comment from the famous Aquascaper Takayuki Fukada " This is a small tank but very well organized layout. It is great, but anyway, I want to see a bigger tank layout". Thank you, Takayuki Fukada, for your encouragement. 

And for now, here are the photos of the final shots of "The Jungle Cube". I hope you enjoy the journey of this cube tank as much as I do. 

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